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Ready to use singledose ophthalmic gas

Sulfur hexafluoride
Presentation :
Arceole SF6 : 30ml of sterile ready to use gas SF6
Arceole C2F6 : 30ml of sterile ready to use gas C2F6
Arceole C3F8 : 30ml of sterile ready to use gas C3F8

Perfluoro gases specifications make your choice easier

Expansion delay 1 day 1.5 day 3 day
tamponade time
7 days 15 days 30 days
Presence of gas 15 days 30 days 60 days
Rate of expansion 3 3.3 4
Concentration for a
non-expansive gas
20% 16-17% 12%
Maximum volume
of pure gas
1.5ml 1ml 0.8ml

Retinal Detachment
(no proliferation)  
Diabetic Retinopathy SF6    
Retinal Detachment   C2F6  
Macular Holes   C2F6  
Giant Tears SF6 C2F6  
PVR     C3F8
Ocular trauma SF6 C2F6  

Arceole instructions for use

Important : before use, pull the plunger to remove the canula, to avoid possible plunger/syringe sticking. Then push the plunger back to its initial position.

Instruction : Mixed GAS+AIR

Plug syringe into canister
Push vertically
Twist to disconnect

Adjust the volume of gas required in the syringe for surgical use by expelling the extra volume

Draw in the desired volume of air to prepare the gas/air mixture
Remove the filter and quickly connect the capped injection needle. The mixture is ready to be injected

Recommended proportions :

To obtain a non-expansible gas, the mixtures recommended in the Arceole syringe are :

20% = 10ml 80% = 40ml
16% = 8ml 82% = 42ml
12% = 6ml 88% = 44ml

Download PDF Leaflet : Arceole instructions for use.

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