25 years of expertise in retinal surgery

Over the last 25 years, the team that is now Arcadophta has created, developed, manufactured and marketed a complete and innovative range of ready-to-use devices for ophthalmic surgery, in particular for vitreoretinal surgery.

Arcadophta works in close collaboration with ophthalmologists to develop the devices to accompany advances in surgery as they occur.

Ready to use, Arcadophta products facilitate the actions of the surgeon and his or her team, and guarantee them maximum security.

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A specialist in liquids for vitreoretinal surgery

Surgery is evolving rapidly, in particular thanks to new diagnostic methods, micro-incision techniques and the use of dyes.

Arcadophta offers: perfluorocarbons adapted to different types of surgery, silicone oils packaged to adapt to micro-incision, and high-density dyes to reduce operating times.

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Unique purification know-how

With EN ISO 13485 certification, Arcadophta has developed its own processes of purification for trypan blue and fractionation for silicone oils, and developed original and patented solutions for ophthalmic gases.

This enables Arcadophta to guarantee the best standards of quality of its raw materials and to supply finished products to exacting specifications.

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More than 1,000,000 products sold to date

This testifies to recognition by practitioners of Arcadophta’s know-how.

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Distributed in 85 countries

Arcadophta is present on every continent, through distributors specialising in ophthalmology, selected for their strong public service to hospitals and their proximity to the surgeons.

Please contact us to find the distributors in your country.