25 years of expertise in eye care

Over the last 25 years, the team that is now Arcadophta has created, developed, manufactured and marketed a complete and innovative range of ready-to-use devices for ophthalmic surgery, in particular for vitreoretinal surgery.

Arcadophta works in close collaboration with ophthalmologists to develop the devices to accompany advances in surgery as they occur.

Ready to use, Arcadophta products facilitate the actions of the surgeon and his or her team, and guarantee them maximum security.

Better tolerated ophthalmic products

Arcadophta gives priority to tolerance of the product during and after the surgical operation. All our formulations follow a purification process to eliminate any toxic residues or components.

Trypan blues: elimination of monoazo and O-tolidine by-products.

Silicone oils: elimination of low-molecular- weight polymers.

Ophthalmic gases: the choice of a pressurised container avoids cumulative residues of liquefied gases.

PFCL: Arcaline at purity > 97%, Arcotane > 99%